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Living with Victory Ministries

Living with Victory Ministries was created in 2004 by Tony and Laureen Giorgio. Through their podcast and writings, they share their life stories of hope and encouragement through their faith in Jesus Christ.

You too can find peace, joy, and victory in life. It's not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain, with Jesus as your umbrella. 

Our Story

When God brought Laureen and Tony together on a blind date in 1964, they were complete opposites. Laureen was brought up in a church her grandmother founded, and Tony grew up on the tough streets of New York City. God knew what He was doing though because for 57 years during their marriage, they have been reaching out and helping people through their storms; teaching that life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain with spiritual perseverance and faith in Jesus Christ. 

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Magazine article about Compassion Children's Foundation

and the first child that Tony and Laureen helped. (holding Tony's hand).

In 1983 Laureen and Tony met a 2 year-old boy who had only a 10% chance to live because of a serious form of cancer. The hospital sent him home to die because his parents were not able to pay for his treatments. Tony and Laureen jumped in to help this little boy, and soon after formed Compassion Children's Foundation to help others like him. By the way, that little boy is now over 40 years old!

For 30 years, through Compassion Children's Foundation (which is now Living with Victory Ministries Inc), Laureen and Tony advocated for many families with seriously ill children who were falling through the cracks. They worked tirelessly to make sure these children received their treatments, regardless of lack of insurance or finances. 

Helping seriously ill children who were facing death showed Tony and Laureen the importance of clinging to and trusting in Jesus. They saw how God brought about miracles with these families and how He guided them every step of the way to be able to help them.  

Thinking it was time to retire in 2004, they moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. However, they felt that God wanted them to continue their ministry work through uplifting broadcasts and written articles. They formed Living with Victory Ministries, Inc. and started a podcast ministry called Living with Victory.   

They want to share how God, through His Word, brought them and others through their storms, from bankruptcy to cancer and so much more. They know what it feels like to be afflicted and to know the hopelessness that can, at times, stop you from even praying.


Laureen and Tony talk about their own storms and the mistakes they have made in a very transparent way. They want you to know that through reading God’s Word and learning to lean on and fully trust Jesus, who died and rose again, you can have Peace, Joy and Victory in the midst of your storms because “Jesus is your Umbrella!".

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Along with their podcast ministry, Laureen’s book, of hope and encouragement, Climbing Out of Your Despair with God’s Promises and her articles will hopefully, inspire you in your daily walk with the Lord. All proceeds from “Climbing Out of Your Despair with God’s Promises” go to Living with Victory Ministries, Inc.

Listener's Comments

Laureen and Tony, what a blessing you have both been to me. Thank you. I sincerely enjoy listening to your podcasts. It has refilled me. Thank you and may God bless you and keep you.
                                                                                                          Listener of Living with Victory podcast

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